Day 6 Responsive Web Design

Today, I’ll delve into responsive web design. Yesterday, I referred to design themes, which are part of responsive web design. Basically, responsive web design means that a web site’s design changes based on the user’s device. You may have noticed that I recently changed my theme. My previous theme was not responsive and therefore the site was not viewed as easily on a mobile phone or tablet as it was a laptop or desktop. The new design, while not quite the look that I want to achieve, is responsive. This creates a more fluid transition between devices.

Computer sales have gone down in the past year, while tablet and mobile phone sales soared. Unless you plan to start designing apps for the tablet or phone, having a responsive web design is the best way to reach the widest audience.

If you use a free WordPress site, you can type “responsive” into the search bar on the the themes page. If you host your own WordPress site, check out this site:

If you use a Blogger site, check out this link to find responsive themes:

If you do your own coding, then I doubt you are reading my blog. However, if you are interested in coding, check out this site on responsive web design tools:

Lastly, if you want to test your website, you can do so at this site:

I hope you are enjoying learning along with me.