Day 5 More Blog Following Tools

I’ve been researching more blog following tools, and I’ve decided that it’s best to keep it simple.

You can add JetPack if you have a WordPress blog, but not to other sites. JetPack offers ways to follow the blog, but more importantly, ways to track followers and page views.

If you don’t have JetPack, you can use Linky. With Linky, you can give readers a way to follow your blog. Moreover, you can then participate in their blog loops. A blog loop is a community of blogs that are related. This could attract readers to your site who are reading about similar topics.

While reading about the different tools, I came across this site: These are user opinions, some for and against the use of Linky and blog following tools in general. It seems that overall, Google+ is favored. I do think that once you start having too many blog following tools, it can become complicated for your readers and for tracking.

I’m going to stick with using the “follow” widget that the website provides. According to one of the comments in the link above, Blogger also has a widget in their navbar.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, I will be exploring responsive themes.