Day 13: Lifeblogging/Lifelogging

It has been a few days since I last posted. My 30 day experiment is going to take awhile to complete. I did not envision my venture into blogging to be this difficult. I prioritize living life over writing about it, which brings me to the topic of today: lifeblogging, also called lifelogging, lifeglogging, and lifecasting. I had not heard of this prior to yesterday, when my husband mentioned it as a possible blog topic. So, I’ve done a little research and thought that I would share it with you.

Lifeblogging involves wearing a computer/camera device to capture your life. The images or audio then can be streamed to the Internet. A new device from Memeto for $279 is available this summer and is described on their site as “A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable¬†and shareable photographic memory.” Other ways that people lifeblog are to record their physical stats, such as steps walked, heart rate, and sleep.

Why would anyone do this? As Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” We can estimate how much time we spend on our various activities, but often we underestimate some activities and overestimate others. By having an exact account, we can see if our lives match up to our expectations and presumably, change them if they don’t. For example, I now use a pedometer app, which has encouraged me to walk more.

I wondered though, why would anyone post all of this information. Well, that goes to the question of why does anyone post anything. Facebook, as well as the proliferation of blogs, proves that people want to share. Maybe it is our narcissistic nature. Indeed Facebook, blogs, Instagram, etc, are also widely viewed. In my opinion, this satisfies our voyeuristic natures.

I am not going to lifeblog, at least not at this point. I value my privacy, and I’ve probably read too many dystopian novels. Would you consider lifeblogging?