Day 8 Getting Started with Images

You may have noticed that I have no images on my blog. I intend to change that with this blog. My husband created this 3D image for my blog:


This is a work in progress. When completed, it will be on my “About” page and in my sidebar

If you want to add an image to the sidebar, you can do this by adding the image widget. However, your image has to have a URL address. Your own pictures don’t have URL addresses, but you can get them, by adding them to the media library within your web hosting site. If you already have the photo on the internet somewhere like Facebook, you can right click on the photo and then click, “Copy Image URL.”

This is a very basic introduction to adding images. I will delve deeper into this subject in later posts.

Well, hopefully, this made sense. If not, forgive me, I have medicine head tonight.