Day 4 Blog Following Tools

Well, I have already gone against my plan to blog as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, life again got in the way. I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and of course had to play with it. I also was busy fixing dinner. For the past hour though, I have been reading blog related material.

In response to the comment from Liz, of, I have been reading up on blog following. I will only discuss the blog-following tools today. Later posts will contain information on how to increase your followers.

Google Friends Connect (GFC)
This no longer seems to be a good way to sign up followers. Google has already gotten rid of Google Friends Connect on all but Blogger. It appears that it will soon be dead altogether. Refer to this blog written last month for commentary on GFC: It seems that Google+ will be replacing GFC entirely. I think that this is the way to go regardless of what blogging site you use, as Google+ is advertised on all new phones (with the exception of iPhone, of course). Info on how to use Google+ to replace GFC can be found here:

After reading Emmy June’s review of Bloglovin, I plan to use this. You can see her review here: In addition to offering a way for readers to follow your blog, I look forward to using this platform as a follower. You can choose to follow any blog even if they are not registered with Bloglovin.

Tomorrow, I will add info on more blog following tools, such as JetPack and Linkys.

I hope that you enjoy learning with me. Please feel free to comment, whether it be to question, praise, or show me the error of my ways.


Day 3 A Blogging Article Review

It is almost the end of the third day, but I am determined to stick to my challenge. One tip that I would advise: blog early in the day. This will ensure that you meet your goal. I will try to adhere to this advice and try to blog as soon as I get home from work each day. Once I am more tech savvy, I will move to blogging from my tablet or phone, so I can blog even earlier than that.

On to the topic of the day, which is a review of the blogging article that I read, “How to Create a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide” by Eric Griffith. This article can be found at,2817,2416439,00.asp. Only 3 short pages, this article offers a plethora of introductory information on blogging. If by chance you’re short on time, skip the first page. The meat of the article is in the second two pages.

The second page is a review of the various blogging sites, the most popular of which are Blogger and WordPress. The article details what services different  blogging sites offer and which are free. If they do cost, the article lists the cost. Since the article was written March 12, 2013, it’s likely that the information is still current, though not necessarily, as the tech world is constantly changing. The second page also discusses the pros and cons of hosting your own site and the popular web hosting sites available, such as GoDaddy and JustHost. As an aside, my husband uses BlueHost and recommends it.

The third page consists of tips for enjoying blogging more. Mr. Griffith details group blogging, podcasting, mobile apps, and desktop tools. In each of these sections, he again reviews different programs and websites that offer these services or can help with these areas. He explains what you can do for free and what you can do for different prices. Mr. Griffith also nicely offers free ways around some of the for-cost services.

So ends day 3.

Tomorrow, I will research (and tap into my husband’s knowledge base) more about following blogs and ways to get a blog followed.

Day 2 Beginning to Blog

Well, I’m not doing great on my blogging research. I did learn a little more about blogs since the last post. My wonderful husband showed me how to make pages private or public. This helped for my “about” page that I have not yet created. I have also read some of the WordPress blogging advice. I highly advise using this site.

While WordPress is the only site that I have used for blogging, as this is my first attempt, I have looked at blogs written on other sites. For example, my cousin’s site, Smart Girls DIY, which can be found at, is a great blog, it lacks (or at least I think it lacks) a crucial element, which is a way to “follow” the blog. This would create the link at the bottom of my page. Currently, my page only lists two blogs that I follow: and

If you want to venture into blogging, I advise finding someone who has tried it. I find it helpful that Eric, my husband, has had his own website for 10 years. He has been a great advisor and support in this process. I also recommend using a free blog before purchasing a domain name, as I am doing. If I end up sticking with this (of course I will for 30 days, at least), then I will purchase a domain name. Purchasing a domain name can help with traffic to your site, as would get more traffic than

I will delve more into getting traffic to your site, as well as using google analytics, in future posts. First, I have to learn how all this works. Again, thankfully, I am married to an SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

More to come. Day 2 accomplished.

30 Days of Blogging

Matt Cutts in his TED talk encouraged his audience to “try something new for 30 days.” I have decided to make this a goal for myself. For my first 30 day challenge, I will blog. I read part of a book about blogging and I created this site in March. Clearly, I have a problem with follow through. A 30 day challenge may just be what I need to get going. Then again, I tried a 30 day squat challenge, prior to watching the TED talk, and I got a little sidetracked by a 30 Day Shred workout video. Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying. Maybe a goal unrelated to exercise is what I need.

What do I write about for 30 days though? In future months, I can blog about my next 30 day attempts. In the meantime, I really don’t think that it’s wise to try 2 new things for 30 days, given my track record. The blogging book that I read, Bloggers Boot Camp, warns against unfocused blogging. It also distinguishes between journals and blogs.

As I’m writing, I’ve decided that my focus for blogging will be blogging, at least for the next 30 days. I will review books on blogging, as well as other blogs, and I will describe the technical snafus that I encounter along my odyssey into the blogging world.

Please feel free to make suggestions on my blogging and on future 30 day explorations.