Day 9 A Review of Bloggers Boot Camp

I mentioned the book Bloggers Boot Camp, by Charlie White and John Biggs, in my first post. The book was too much for me to take in at first, prior to starting my blog. However, I’ve gone back to it now and found it to be a treasure trove. While the 2012 copyright makes the book slightly dated, the information is still relevant.

The first two chapters address an audience that has not yet started blogging. It explains how to find your niche, choose a platform, and gather necessary tools (computers, cameras, software, etc.). The really great part about this section is that it gives minimum, mid-range, and ideal suggestions, depending on how you plan to blog and what amount you want to spend.

The book goes on to detail what and how to write, including basic html and and photo and video editing. This is where the book loses me a little. It’s too much information in one book. However, it does work for me as a reference book. I skimmed most of the chapters, stopping when I found something particularly relevant or interesting. The “How to Write a Blog Post” includes too much how to write. Some people might find that helpful though.

Further reading in the book yields a vast amount of information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your blog profitable, and dealing with ethical issues. I’ve yet to fully delve into those, as I’m not to that point in my blogging life yet.

Overall, the book is a great one to have. I wouldn’t recommend reading it from cover to cover, but I would recommend having it as resource.  It offers great information on all things blogging.


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