Day 7 A Beginner’s Blogging List

Today, at the end of my first full week of blogging, I will share what I believe to be the 7 most useful tips in starting a blog.

  1. Read other blogs. There is not a writer out there of any genre, who is not also a reader. Blogging is no different. Read for inspiration and read for technical advice. Start by reading the tools on the blogging site that you’re using, such as
  2. Content is king. In addition to hearing this from my husband, I have seen this posted around the web numerous times. It is important to have something to say and meaningful links. All the tools and widgets in the world won’t save your site if the content stinks.
  3. Proofread. I have to admit that I’m a grammar snob. I get turned off by sites that have silly errors that could easily have been prevented. Reread your blog before posting it.
  4. Be honest. Without editors and fact checkers hanging over our shoulders, it could be tempting to make something up. Don’t do it. Regardless of why you started blogging, there’s no reason to deceive your readers. Above all, be honest with yourself.
  5. Be nice.  I more often see the meanness in people when I read blog comments on sites, rather than on the blogs themselves, but this could be because I’m not attracted to nasty blogs. Even if you are writing a review of something that is clearly bad, there’s no reason to take pot shots.
  6. Have a sounding board. For me, my sounding board is Eric, my wonderful husband. I have him read all of my posts before I share them to Facebook. If you don’t have an Eric in your life, ask a coworker or a fellow blogger what they think. It helps, especially when you’re at a loss for words.
  7. Have fun. There is just no point to doing this if you don’t enjoy it. Sure, there are people out there who make money at it. Even still, they should have fun too. Plus, you’re not going to make money off the bat, even if that is your aim. Play around with it. Don’t get too hung up on SEO and followers when you are first starting. You’ll learn the most by exploring and having fun.

The first 7 of 30 days are finished. I have to say that this has so far been quite a satisfying experience. I look forward to the next 23 days.


One thought on “Day 7 A Beginner’s Blogging List

  1. Fantastic! You are creating a great resource for people to get into the world of blogging, whatever their motivation, especially if they’ve never ventured into it previously. I’m so proud of you; you took a leap of faith starting this and clearly, you’re finding yourself here – day by day and post by post.

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