Day 4 Blog Following Tools

Well, I have already gone against my plan to blog as soon as I got home. Unfortunately, life again got in the way. I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and of course had to play with it. I also was busy fixing dinner. For the past hour though, I have been reading blog related material.

In response to the comment from Liz, of, I have been reading up on blog following. I will only discuss the blog-following tools today. Later posts will contain information on how to increase your followers.

Google Friends Connect (GFC)
This no longer seems to be a good way to sign up followers. Google has already gotten rid of Google Friends Connect on all but Blogger. It appears that it will soon be dead altogether. Refer to this blog written last month for commentary on GFC: It seems that Google+ will be replacing GFC entirely. I think that this is the way to go regardless of what blogging site you use, as Google+ is advertised on all new phones (with the exception of iPhone, of course). Info on how to use Google+ to replace GFC can be found here:

After reading Emmy June’s review of Bloglovin, I plan to use this. You can see her review here: In addition to offering a way for readers to follow your blog, I look forward to using this platform as a follower. You can choose to follow any blog even if they are not registered with Bloglovin.

Tomorrow, I will add info on more blog following tools, such as JetPack and Linkys.

I hope that you enjoy learning with me. Please feel free to comment, whether it be to question, praise, or show me the error of my ways.


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