Day 3 A Blogging Article Review

It is almost the end of the third day, but I am determined to stick to my challenge. One tip that I would advise: blog early in the day. This will ensure that you meet your goal. I will try to adhere to this advice and try to blog as soon as I get home from work each day. Once I am more tech savvy, I will move to blogging from my tablet or phone, so I can blog even earlier than that.

On to the topic of the day, which is a review of the blogging article that I read, “How to Create a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide” by Eric Griffith. This article can be found at,2817,2416439,00.asp. Only 3 short pages, this article offers a plethora of introductory information on blogging. If by chance you’re short on time, skip the first page. The meat of the article is in the second two pages.

The second page is a review of the various blogging sites, the most popular of which are Blogger and WordPress. The article details what services different  blogging sites offer and which are free. If they do cost, the article lists the cost. Since the article was written March 12, 2013, it’s likely that the information is still current, though not necessarily, as the tech world is constantly changing. The second page also discusses the pros and cons of hosting your own site and the popular web hosting sites available, such as GoDaddy and JustHost. As an aside, my husband uses BlueHost and recommends it.

The third page consists of tips for enjoying blogging more. Mr. Griffith details group blogging, podcasting, mobile apps, and desktop tools. In each of these sections, he again reviews different programs and websites that offer these services or can help with these areas. He explains what you can do for free and what you can do for different prices. Mr. Griffith also nicely offers free ways around some of the for-cost services.

So ends day 3.

Tomorrow, I will research (and tap into my husband’s knowledge base) more about following blogs and ways to get a blog followed.


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