Day 2 Beginning to Blog

Well, I’m not doing great on my blogging research. I did learn a little more about blogs since the last post. My wonderful husband showed me how to make pages private or public. This helped for my “about” page that I have not yet created. I have also read some of the WordPress blogging advice. I highly advise using this site.

While WordPress is the only site that I have used for blogging, as this is my first attempt, I have looked at blogs written on other sites. For example, my cousin’s site, Smart Girls DIY, which can be found at, is a great blog, it lacks (or at least I think it lacks) a crucial element, which is a way to “follow” the blog. This would create the link at the bottom of my page. Currently, my page only lists two blogs that I follow: and

If you want to venture into blogging, I advise finding someone who has tried it. I find it helpful that Eric, my husband, has had his own website for 10 years. He has been a great advisor and support in this process. I also recommend using a free blog before purchasing a domain name, as I am doing. If I end up sticking with this (of course I will for 30 days, at least), then I will purchase a domain name. Purchasing a domain name can help with traffic to your site, as would get more traffic than

I will delve more into getting traffic to your site, as well as using google analytics, in future posts. First, I have to learn how all this works. Again, thankfully, I am married to an SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

More to come. Day 2 accomplished.


One thought on “Day 2 Beginning to Blog

  1. Can I make some requests?? Please explain the different ways for people to follow a blog. All I use right now is google friend connect (only for Blogger), but it’s very limited. I know other bloggers use linky followers (but that dude scares me) and bloglovin. What else is out there? Which one is best? How many ways should you give people to follow you? Thanks! I wish I lived with someone who could answer all my blogging questions!!

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